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Web Developer in Vancouver

Web Developer in Vancouver

Web design and development experts will be in high demand several decades from now, even with the invention of self-coding tools and complicated building tools. We are likely to see an emergence of new coding and design roles, making web development faster and more efficient. The new coding tools will not replace human expertise because web development is too diverse and intensive to assign to one uniform software or app.

Everything about web design and development

Difference between web design and web development

The web designer is like the car aesthetics designer who suggests the physical traits of the body, steering wheel, dashboard, and wheels, while the developer is the engineer. The latter offers an excellent user experience because they are in charge of the speed, engine specifications, wheel alignment, and other technical details. The point we are trying to relay is that freelance web developers in Vancouver BC build the site's framework and ensures all processes are fast and reliable.

Can one do both tasks?

These professionals have different skills and a primary focus to deliver a smooth user experience with improved visibility and searchability. The designer wants to understand your preferred color schemes, graphic designs, and typography. At the same time, the developer has a deep interest in hidden programming needs and uses coding software to put together a smooth platform.  

How to tell whether you need web design or web development

Web design with SEO in Vancouver

The role of a web designer is to expand your UI and ensure it carries out the fundamental needs of the website. You need a website designer if you recognize the value of adding the following features to your site:

  • Designing user flows and wireframes
  • Creating personas
  • A need for photoshop, graphic design, and other eye-candy features

The primary role of a UI designer is to ensure the site offers a smooth interaction with the user on all touchpoints. This case means they work everything from the content arrangement to the buttons, scrolling, navigation, animation, sliders, and prototyping tools. Most website builders have inbuilt tools to help you put together a smooth visual without complex design elements. However, it is best to hire a professional designer because of their proficiency in details, unparalleled creativity, and ability to present information creatively and understandably.

Web development

Web development is the process of creating and maintaining a web application with programming tools. The web developer is simply the one you need to idealize and structure a website with programming languages like CSS, Javascript, HTML, Python, PHP, and many more alternatives. You may choose a front-end, back-end, or full-stack web developer for hire near Vancouver depending on the needed coding project. All these roles have different handling tasks; hence you need an agency with a competitive team with all skills.

On Purpose Projects optimizes your processes and delivers quality projects in half the time it would take using a freelancer. The best web developers in Vancouver include the Vancouver web design and marketing into the service to take your business to the next level with ease. Learn more about our web development process online and schedule a free consultation at your convenience.


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